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I have just checked 2015 cars tour and saw some amazing cars took part on that race event. Some of the models are new for me. The photographs that you have captured is wonderful and keep up the good work.
Barb Marks(non-registered)
Wow just finished the Hickory Photos What Great Photos!!! You met my sons this weekend #88 ElectroFuse M/M boys will be contacting you for photos!!! Thank You
Keith Lambert(non-registered)

Amazing you were in position to capture the big wreck in the LLM race at Hickory this past Saturday. Marcus, my son, was in the LFR #5 that pretty much got destroyed. Thankfully, all the safety devices worked, even the tire barrier... Gonna have to get some of those shots!
Sherri Stearns
It was great meeting y'all as well! We look forward to seeing you back at the track.
If you want your pictures delivered to the track you can email me with the picture number, size, and quantity and we will bring it to you at the next race if you prefer.
Sherri Stearns
Sherri, it was so nice to meet you Sat.That was the first race for Tal Davidson #77 truck. we are enjoying looking through the photos of the entire day, they look great!! we will let you know the ones we would like to order, Se you at the next race!!
Terry Deacon(non-registered)
Well you have done it again! Great job on the practice day pictures. All tho I am in Orlando it's almost like being there. Keep up the fantastic work. I hope to make a trip up there again this summer and look forward to seeing y'all.
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